Avoiding lifting and straining

Created on
January 4, 2024

Tips to avoid lifting and straining

GOAL: unload your tissues for 4–6 weeks by minimising/avoiding lifting and straining. This will help your tissues recover and decrease your symptoms. If you think about your day, there's a lot you might not be able to change, but adjusting just 30% of your tasks to avoid lifting and straining for just 4–6 weeks can make a huge difference.

The key to managing your lifting restrictions is: to pause.

You need to re-think any lifting you do – that includes even normal or routine things.

Ask yourself:

Congratulate yourself on every lifting or straining task you do differently or avoid during your healing period.  Remember, this will make a HUGE difference.

Ask for help

Around home

If you have small children

Managing a newborn baby



Do not strain when emptying your bladder or bowel. The best position to sit on the toilet is:


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