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This eBook is designed to bolster your confidence in managing the often complex symptoms associated with Persistent Pelvic Pain. Inside, you'll find valuable insights, underpinning stats, and the rationale behind effective treatments.

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Persistent Pelvic Pain

Persistent Pelvic Pain (PPP) affects one in five women, and one in seven have endometriosis. PPP can involve a complex array of symptoms and pain drivers. With an evidence based, clinician led, practical approach, this course will upskill you to be a confident and competent team leader for women suffering persistent pelvic pain. Everything you need to know is right here.

RANZCOG, RACGP and ACRRM approved = 15.5hrs

Educational Activity = 9hrs
Reviewing Practice = 1.5hrs (+ self record options)
Measuring Outcomes (optional) = 5hrs

Incl 2 x 1hr peer-group learning sessions online (RP)

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

30-50% of women experience Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP). The impact of POP from a biopsychosocial perspective reflects other chronic conditions. Early education, prevention and self -management approaches are beneficial for long term management. Gain an insight into the impact of POP on emotional health and well-being and find out about effective prevention and treatment.

RACGP and ACRRM approved = 12hrs

Educational Activity = 6hrs
Reviewing Practice = 1hr
Measuring Outcomes (optional) = 5hrs

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Pregnancy and Post-partum

It’s a big journey. Every system in the body changes during pregnancy, as you know. This course will help you optimise the care of the women you see. We cover return to exercise, milestones, breast-feeding and much more.

Course coming soon.

Problematic Periods

88% of 16-25 yr olds have dysmenorrhoea. Prevention of persistent pelvic pain begins with the first practitioner a patient sees. After this course you will be that GP.

Course coming soon.

Perimenopause / menopause

Perimenopausal symptoms can start early. Some women breeze through, and some lose their jobs and relationships. Let’s make it better.

Course coming soon.

Vulval Pain

Not all vulval itching is created equal! 1 in 10 women have vulval pain. Be curious and learn how to better diagnose and manage this distressing and complex issue. Our clinician led course will equip you to be the GP that knows differential diagnoses, what the red flags are, what the treatment pathway is, and how to follow up quickly and effectively with your patient.

Course coming soon.
course features

Delivered by practicing clinicians

Tracked progress: pick up where you left off

Patient handouts

Research and evidence references

Mobile and tablet friendly

Relevant patient case studies

Certification on completion

Outcomes-based : quizzes and assessments

Tools and tips

words from general practitioners
I think you've achieved your goal of this being a course that can immediately change and inform gp practice in a meaningful way. Well done.
Loved the case studies.
So many useful tips/resources and importantly very patient centred which is fantastic.
I definitely feel more confident with management and how to support women through the journey of symptoms/ improvement/resolution! 
You paid attention to RACGP syllabus and made it relevant to GPs
The real life case studies bring this to life. Many thanks to these women.
I completed the entire course on my phone!
Loved the dynamic of the presenters, felt like you were in the room with them
Platform is fantastic - very user-friendly. I used the app on my computer, phone and ipad and it worked well across all these.
Really useful practical tips. Loved this.
I like how the modules are broken down to short segments, which can be completed in my own time
The anatomy talk was incredible.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, thank you for including the video about what pelvic health physios do and treatment options.
This POP course is like a great book, I found it hard to put down.
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Our Story


Rachel Andrew

APA Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist BSc Physiotherapy, Clinical Masters of Women’s Health, Certificate Conservative Management of Prolapse, experienced, skilled Titled clinician, now working in a private Women’s Health space. Founder of Pelvic Physio,

where Rachel offers:

Colette McKiernan

Engagement in learning specialist, facilitator, trainer and assessor of management standards, has been involved in Vocational Education, competency-based training packages, and Education business projects for the Australian Government and private sector.

Clinical Case based mentoring for Pelvic Health Physio Excellence

Complex presentations and clients with challenging conditions?


Unsure how to progress clients or implement learning on a day to day basis?


Are you a solo practitioner looking for some growth?


Bring your A-game to the clinic with practical, clear strategies to immediately implement in your clinic.

years experience, evidence based learning distilled into immediate action.
What do we do?
discussion of what you would like to achieve.
specific case discussion
wind up and clear plan to implement.

We live and work in lutruwita, and love being near kunanyi.

Vagenius has been created from these two women combining skills and years of experience in the education and women’s health spaces. Rachel’s passion for women’s health and her clinical skills and expertise in treating pelvic health issues, combined with Colette’s skills and experience in the design of learning and development, is the power behind Vagenius.

CPD is important for all of us, and we know that sometimes it is hard to find the topics you need, that relate to and improve your practice plus meet your CPD requirements. We will be continuously improving the content and delivery with the help of your feedback.