GPs want to learn, patients want them to learn. Let's do it!

Created on
April 10, 2024

It's live! 'Persistent Pelvic Pain - GP as Team Leader', launches in Endometriosis Awareness month. Olivia Hicks, Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia, opened an event in Hobart, to mark the occasion, however, the Learning course is accessible to all GPs across Australia. Olivia, who was diagnosed with Endometriosis, aged 26, suffered symptoms as a teenager, and had a difficult ten year journey to find out what was going on. She praised Vagenius Training for their action in bringing GPs and patients together in understanding, treatments, referral pathways, self management and getting lives back. She said this was a 'vital' and 'life-changing' step in the journey for better diagnosis and treatment of the disease and changing the culture. A survey conducted by EndoZone, the Australian Government's resource for Endometriosis, polled 347 community members who have Endometriosis. When asked what their priorities would be, the highest priority (29%) was for doctors 'to have better education about endometriosis.' GPs will be confident team leaders by the end of this course, and with implementation in practice, and peer group learning which are all elements of the course, they will be the one these patients will want to seek out.