EndoZone welcomes Vagenius

Created on
April 23, 2024

EndoZone is the 'go to' website for clinicians and patients to find out more about Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. Vagenius Training was approved by the Advisory Board and added this week to its resources page, due to its recently recognised high standard of training, just released to support GPs. Their latest course; 'Persistent Pelvic Pain - GP as Team Leader' can be found by GPs who visit the EndoZone site. An estimated 1 in 7 people assigned female at birth have the disease, with 1 in 5 suffering pelvic pain, so it is vital that early diagnosis and management of persistent pelvic pain is improved, knowledge and skills upgraded, and all learning is informed by the latest evidence based practices and treatments. Vagenius is right on the button, at the right time, with this clinician to clinician learning.

This debilitating disease, which can have complex presentations and significantly impact a person's quality of life, seems to have gone under the radar for decades. The Australian Government has announced measures in the last few years, to provide resources for more research and action around Women's Health. This includes developing an Endometriosis Action Plan, clinical pathways and more information about the disease. Gender bias appears to be the main underlying systemic reason, for many symptoms in girls and women being normalised, dismissed, or left untreated for up to 6-10 years. Let's get our GPs excited and equipped to manage and treat pelvic pain. Vagenius and EndoZone, a partnership for change.